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Immunity INC

+1 (585) 902-8423

Ethical Hackers For Hire

We are professional hackers offering hacker for hire. As the #1 ethical Hacker for Hire company in the world we offer Hacker for Hire services that are unmatched by anyone.


Credit Repair

Do you have very low credit score and you require an upgrade for business needs? we got the legit fix at Immunity INC. We upgrade your credit score to the required score. Call in for credit repair.

Content Removal

Hire a hacker to remove post or link from Forums, blogs or Google. Our team helped more than 2000 customers fixing their online reputation.

Mobile Phone Hacking

By hiring a hacker You can take remote control of any smartphone regardless of the location and encryption method.

Password Recovery

Any password can be hacked. Just need the real method. Password hacker can recover your lost or stolen password easily. Hire a Password hacker!

PC Hacking

Take control of and Personal computer anywhere in the world without the User's permission.

Database Hacking & Retrieval

Gaining access to any database is just one of the things our team is trained to do. Regardless of the encryption and strenght, we have got the right tools to handle your job.

Social Media Hacking

Do you have a social media account you're willing to take control of without the owner detecting? Call in, we've got you covered.

Web Hacking

Do you wish to take over any website? At Immunity INC., we've got the skills to make your dreams come through. Contact us as soon as possible.

Email Hacking

Gain access to any email account without the users consent. Contact us for Email hacking.

University Score Upgrade

Are you low on score in your college or University, and you hope to graduate one of the best? Worry not, as long as your scores are uploaded in your school's database online, we can help you fix it. Contact us already.

File Encryption and Decryption

Do you have a file that has a difficult encryption? or you have a file you wish to encrypt? At immunity INC., we can help you put that in place.

General Hacking and Penetration Testing

Do you want your company's security online be tested? Checking and fixing vulnerabilities in your website? Simple Contact us.


  1. We're the only Ethical Hacking Company online to Guarantee you will get results.
  2. 100% Confidential and we WON'T expose your confidential data to anyone.
  3. Reliable & Faster Hacking Services than others.
  4.  Without questions we refund your money.
  5.  More than 3000 Clients satisfied with our reliability.


Thanks to Immunity INC. for boosting my credit score, I was able to secure the loan I needed for my business and made more money.

הודות ImmunityINC., אתה כל לעשות עבודה נהדרת בתוך זמן קצר. תודה רבה!

I wouldn't be sure he was cheating on me, it's all thanks to Immunity INC.

我評價ImmunityINC 5星。 你應該得到更多!

Du bist der Beste, keine Zweifel. Ich werde bald neue Arbeitsplätze schaffen.


We are the oldest hacker for hire company that still exist with more than 5000 satisfied clients with 100% anonymity. And still providing the best hacking services for our clients that are not matched with others.

We are a team of certified and skilled hackers. Before 2002 we saw that many people were having problems with online security. We were programmers, that wrote computer code, playing with computer security and lastly we started thinking about how we can help people. From 2002 we started providing service without any public website. When we saw that there were a lot of people having real problems, we decided to open our public legal business to help them. In 2002 we started a public business and named it IMMUNITY INC. We work with the best to provide the best and guarantee results. If we can't do it, no one else can, Guaranteed.


There are different kinds of hackers and many different ways to describe them, and all hackers have the ability to help you with your project.

The limits to what you can hire a hacker for fall within the limits of your imagination and applicable laws and ethics. You can hire a hacker to help with a technical issue, or hire a hacker to help with social media or check on a cheating spouse. Even life hacks like credit scores and getting a better grade. But we can't get you passwords or access to accounts you DO NOT OWN or HAVE PERMISSION to access (EXCEPT YOU HAVE A GENUINE REASON FOR WANTING TO GET ACCESS).

Here at Immunity INC. we act as your personal match makers. Helping you understand the kind of hacker for hire or services that best fits your needs. Then if we cannot do it ourselves, and it doesn't violate our policies, we will connect you with the perfect hacker for hire. Just E-mail  at us and we will be in touch shortly. 

Immunity INC. has proudly delivered services since 2002

At Immunity INC. Anonymity is what we preach and refraining from being hypocrites, we practice what we preach. Every information you give to us is treated with 100% anonymity.
NB: The content of our reviews are Information permitted by the Individual.

We give 100% guarantee of our services. If for some reason we fail then we refund your all money. We are not interested to waste your time and hard earned money!


Immunity INC

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